The Collection

Miss Jackson is a fashion forward, yet ultra functional, swimwear line for the girl that likes to be noticed.

Lovelorn Assassin, the debut collection by Lisa Jackson, designer for Miss Jackson Swimwear, is set for release this holiday season as a series of limited edition swimsuits.

Set to be one of the biggest ‘be-seen-in’ hits for swimwear aficionados and poolside exhibitionists alike, Miss Jackson offers bold lines and rock n’ roll accents, paired with sexy silhouettes and peek-a-boo gaps. Jackson describes the collection as “a play on opposites, exhibiting both strength and vulnerability…It’s a hard edge mixed with softness, coyly flirtatious, but in-your-face forward.” The names of each piece mirror the designer’s own contradictory nature, as Jackson confides, “Oxymoron's turn me on”.

“I’m primarily inspired by textures and colours,” Jackson describes, “and infatuated with the small details”. This is obvious in the Lovelorn Assassin collection, whose drool-worthy accents (ranging from chain link straps and tops that can be tied four ways, to strategically placed cutaways and tassel finishes) are strictly reserved for the young at heart, confident woman who definitely doesn’t shy away from attention. In this spirit, each suit has a distinctive personality, unique to the piece and holds a mirror up to the woman who wears it.

Miss Jackson will release the Lovelorn Assassin collection in limited edition runs of only twenty-five pieces for each design. “I want the owners to feel like their swimsuit is a work of art”, Jackson reveals. Each one will be numbered and sold with a signed certificate of authenticity. This is both good and bad news for shoppers, lighting a fire to get the suits they want—and knowing that when they do, they’ve invested in an ultra exclusive item. You definitely won’t have to worry about bumping into another girl at the pool party with the same suit on ever again!

Every piece is made by hand in midtown Manhattan and all materials are sourced in NYC’s Garment District, one of the last hubs of manufacturing in the USA, and their creation supports the preservation of this iconic fashion center.